Portfolio of Ryan Manwill

This article is for my portfolio and highlights some of the work I have done throughout the past several semesters at UVU in the Web Design and Development program.

Practical Knowledge and Skills Articles

For better Less, structure more

Mojave Stacks and Windows Tiles

Tips on web accessibility development for screen reader users (Written in DGM1240)

Web Image Types and Compression

Sometimes you don’t always end up coding

Clip paths, the basics

Work Showcase

DGM2250 — In this class we learned how to create design guides for websites. Here is mine: Design Guide

DGM2780 — Bootstrap was used to create these pages: Home Page, Topics Page, Contact Us Page | GitHub

DGM2760 — This example was written to demonstrate the use of JavaScript: Nonsense Story | GitHub

DGM2740 —Lazy loading is used for this example: Crashing Cymbals

DGM3790 — Vue.js and Vuetify was use here: Hosted | GitHub

DGM4790 — RESTful CRUD Server

Extra Curricular Work

The summer between the sophomore and freshmen year I took to learning Java because I know it is a language that is used on the back end quite a bit. Oracle provides certification tests for the language to certify you know the language. There are two levels that can be attained, I have taken the exam and attained the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I level which is not easy. In addition to working on back end skills I have some front end skills I would like to showcase. In the DGM2780 class we were given the assignment to mock up a few pages using another website as a guide, recreating some of the sites components using our newly learned Less skills and it only needing to be basic styling. I took this assignment and played with it, sinking much more effort that was needed and produced this: Home Page, Secondary Page | GitHub. In another class covering file compression I made a visualizer to show the difference between compressed files and uncompressed files.

Developing for the web